Bird Box 2018

We have a bird box fitted with a camera and most years it has residents. No exception this year…


24th May 2018

I’ve put all the following videosĀ onĀ here today but they show progress over the last couple of weeks as I’ve been recording them. I’ll post more updates day by day from now on though.

This one shows them moving in. One blue tit is fussing around with the nest making it ‘just so’!



We have eggs! The blue tit sat religiously on these over the next few days keeping them warm.


The first arrival!


…and then a few more…


Mother keeping the pink wriggly things warm.


You can see a few downy feathers starting to appear now. They look like they have mohicans for a while.


Getting bigger….and fluffier….


…and more demanding….


For the more observant among you, there were 7 eggs but 6 chicks. One didn’t make it and got pushed to the bottom of the box. The mother has since pulled him out.


27th May 2018

Unfortunately we’re down to 5 now but they are looking ever bigger and stronger. One looks like he’s getting ready to go.


28 May 2018

Another update…still 5 in the box…


30 May 2018

5 chicks looking stronger every day. A couple are really starting to flap their wings now. Looks like they’re getting ready to go.


31 May 2018

They are starting to get on top of each other now. Getting a bit crowded in there!


1st June 2018

Morning in the blue tit household. A noisy affair!


2nd June 2018

Just one left this morning. I think they all went for it at first light. Came down to make tea and only one left…not long after this, it flew although I didn’t catch it on video.


So that’s it for another year!!!




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