Bird Box 2019

Bird Box 2019

Looks like we have some more blue tits moving in this year! I’ll take regular clips as and when I can showing progress….


19 March

Setting up home…


23 March

…still setting up home…


24 March

…very fussy this one….got to be just right!


09 April

Well…finally seen more activity. We thought they had abandoned the nest as we haven’t seen any comings or goings for weeks but I caught this last night (hence the dark display). Obviously still using it…so I’ll continue to keep my eyes on it…


15 Apr

A bit more activity – not been catching them very much recently as I don’t think they are ready to settle in just yet. It may still be a bit too cold for them.


16 Apr

Blue tit just doing a bit of a dance to get the foliage right.


21 Apr

Having a sleep.


22 Apr

Eggs! Happy Easter…


24 Apr

We’ve counted 5 eggs now. She’s keeping them warm…


29 Apr

I count 8 eggs!


03 May

Getting comfortable and keeping those eggs warm…


07 May

New arrivals!!!


11 May

Being kept busy…demanding babies!


13 May

They grow big quickly.


17 May

Starting to get crowded in there. Some are starting to open their eyes now.


20 May

Unfortunately it looks like there are only 6 now. But getting bigger by the hour!


22 May

Looks like one has already flown the nest – only 5 in there today


25 May

Looking restless and ready to go. Reckon they’ll be gone today…


26 May

FINAL UPDATE – no videos today as they all fledged apart from one. It’s a sad fact of nature that some are selected to survive…and some are not. One chick got left in the box yesterday and overnight. It was clearly not as developed as the others and we saw it desperately trying to leave the box to follow its siblings, but wasn’t strong or big enough to make it.

We saw the parents come back a few times with food in their mouths but for some very strange reason, even though the chick was begging for it, they took the food back out and stopped feeding it.

When we looked in the morning, it had died.

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