Bird Box 2020

Bird Box 2020

Our bird box is now in a different position in the garden due to some exterior decoration that took place and removed the wood where it was previously attached to. So it’s now on our new pergola. Looks like it has already attracted some attention.

Apologies for the ‘washed out’ look – it doesn’t have much colour to it and I believe it’s because the camera has got a problem. It looks like it has not got the light detection right and has got the infrared permanently switched on. Great for night time but gives a bad picture during daylight hours. I’ll be looking into a different camera for next year – will try to sort out a live ‘webcam’ rather than taking video shots.

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26 March


29 March

Blue tit still interested in the box and doing a bit of inspection/sprucing up.


31 March

Looks like the contracts are signed, completed and moving in 😉


1st April

One out…busy getting the place ready…


9th April

Still getting the place ready!


14th April (PM)

Had a quick look during the night and found one of the birds sleeping in the box (ahhhh)…


17th April

Had a quick look in the box today. I believe I can see 2 eggs so placing this picture here. If you look to the left you can just make out two white eggs tucked slightly under the foliage and feathers. There will no doubt be a few more by the end of this weekend.


20th April

Some more eggs laid overnight…


Checked back a bit later on this evening and found a blue tit keeping the eggs warm


23 Apr

More eggs as of this morning!


28 Apr

The long wait. Blue tit keeping the eggs warm and turning them around.


01 May

Quite a cute clip today. Blue tit keeping eggs warm and moving them around – meantime the other blue tit going out and coming back to make sure the first one is fed!


04 May

Just caught an egg hatching this morning. There are 2 eggs hatched out of 8. The blue tit eats the egg shell. The other is trying to feed the chicks.


Feeding time…


07 May

Many mouths to feed now! I’ve counted 6 so far.


10 May

Getting quite demanding!


May 12



13 May

Blue tits are very busy trying to keep all those mouths fed.


15 May

They are finding their voices (but apologies for the sound of the washing machine in the background). They are really developing now. Eyes are starting to open and they are testing their wings.


18 May

We’re down to 4 now. Unfortunately, they never do all survive. There are always casualties as they start to get bigger as some hatch late and are at an immediate disadvantage when it comes to begging for food. Their siblings will reach up higher and often stand on top of the smaller ones.

I didn’t get it on camera but Penny and I watched the mother working hard for a few minutes to pull a dead chick out and carry it away. Sad really but natures way.


20 May

These 4 look like they will make it. They are looking quite strong…and also restless. Moving around more and testing their wings.


21 May

Final update.

No video as they have all gone. Only three made it as one must have died earlier this morning and is lifeless in the box. We only saw one flying around the bushes in the garden with the parents fussing around it so left them to it!

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  1. Niqqi says:

    I really love seeing the progress as I have blue tits in my bird box but do not have a camera installed this helps me to imagine what is going on in my birdbox, fingers crossed

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