Bird Box 2021

Bird Box 2021

30 March

So it’s started! Deposits paid, contracts exchanged, blue tits are moving in!

The images are not great I’m afraid as it looks like the camera has a fault and the infrared is stuck on which is washing out a lot of the colour. I’ll try and get a new camera sorted for next year.

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08 April

A couple of clips of the blue tit adding moss to the nest. I watched it flying around the garden pulling up bits of moss from the ground then taking it into the box. Quite fascinating to watch.


26 April

Blue tit sleeping in the box last night. This morning we have 2 eggs!


29 Apr

Blue tit keeping the eggs warm


14 May

They’ve started to hatch. Number 1…


18 May

Two chicks now.


30 May

Final update….sadly.

It was becoming clear that the late cold weather hanging around this year was affecting the chicks. A third chick hatched but died immediately, then the other two died even though they were looking promising and growing in size.

The other four remaining eggs did not even hatch. After a couple of days more effort sitting on them keeping them warm, the blue tits sadly abandoned the nest.


24 JUN


We happened to notice a pigeon building a next in our pergola that the bird box is attached to. We have a honeysuckle growing across the top that is providing good cover. The pigeon is always on the next but I managed to catch a moment when it wasn’t there and grab a video clip:-

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