Bird Box 2024

March 3rd 2024

This year I’ve adjusted the bird box so that the camera was mostly hidden behind a protective plate – this stops the broken infra-red light washing out the colour and also stops the birds attacking it – which they did last year and moved/blurred the camera!

Have just caught this great tit checking the bird box out…


March 20th 2024

Looks like they have decided to move in!


March 28th 2024

Picture of the bird box this morning. The first egg!


31 March 2024 (Easter Sunday)

Easter eggs!


1st April 2024

Keeping them warm


3rd April 2024

Patiently keeping them warm today. Likely to be like this for a few days now.


8th April 2024

Still keeping the eggs warm


13th April 2024

We have pink wriggly things! Starting to hatch. Two video clips below…


16th April 2024

Lots of mouths need feeding. All 9 of them!


19th April 2024

Feeding time!

Unfortunately we’ve lost 2 chicks. You might be able to see 1 on the right hand side. It was always going to be difficult to feed 9 chicks. There’s likely to be some more that don’t make it.


22nd April 2024

Feeding continues. No more chicks lost so far and they are getting noticeably bigger by the day.


25th April 2024

It looks like only 6 heads are popping up now for food so I think we may have lost another chick ;-(


26th April 2024

They are starting to really look like birds now with their feathers coming. Still have 6 strong looking chicks.


28th April 2024


30th April 2024

Getting bigger by the day. Mum having a bit of a clean-up here.


2nd May 2024

Down to 4 chicks now. Sad, but mother nature continues to select the strongest. You can see the 2 lost chicks on the right hand side. Parents might try to remove them as they normally do but they might be too big to handle now and leave them there.


3rd May 2024

Final update…no video to show because they are all gone!

I noticed one poking his head out of the hole this morning and watched him for a while. He just sat looking out. So I left it and came back an hour later to find all three had gone.

There was sadly one left lying still in the bottom of the nest that almost made it but died the day before which was a shame.

So we started off with 9 eggs and 3 chicks made it. This is actually typical we have found…they never all make it through.

I shall leave the box as it is now and clean it out in November ready for next year.

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